Mounded LPG Storage Tanks

LPG Mounded Storage Tanks

Size 50 – 200 Tons

Recently the storage of dangerous gases becomes a challenging problem for Tanks manufacturers.  Thai Metal Product Industry Co., Ltd has experienced building 3 units of 200-Ton Mounded bullets as one of the feasible solution to the problem for many locations with lots of vibration from underground earthquakes and high temperature areas. The design aspects of mounded storage vessels are more complicated than conventional above ground spheres or bullets. 

Moreover, Mounded bullet installation is more space efficiency than spherical tanks, smaller vessel-to-vessel spacing and due to the smaller safety distance requirement between the mounded storage vessels and items such as control rooms, buildings, roads etc. Mounded bullets offer the possibility of partial construction, partial maintenance and partial Operation which are more flexible for Station Operation. 

Lastly, mounded bullets are horizontal pressure vessels which are intended for the pressurized storage of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) under ambient temperature. Regarding to cost of mounded LPG storage tanks are cost effectiveness with fully facility, limited space management and foundation budget comparing to Spherical Tanks. 


  • LPG Mounded Storage Tanks provided above ground Manhole Service which will be easy to operate such loaded and unloaded.
  • The Scenario of BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion) is eliminated, since no fire possible below the tanks.
  • Reduced fire in case of Pressure Safety Valve, comparing to above ground storage tanks and spheres.
  • Fire water (Sprinkle) requirement for mounded storages is less.
  • Mounded vessels has less impact on heat radiation from nearby fire, pressure wave originating from an explosion, etc.
  • Site area required less compared to above ground storage.

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