Chemical for Truck and Semi-Trailer

Chemical Tanker Truck

Size 13,000 and 27,000 Liters  

Chemical tanker truck (also called chemical delivery truck, mobile chemical tank truck, chemical liquid tank lorry, chemical liquid truck tank ) is used to transport chemical liquid, such as hydrochloric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, etc.  Tanks are made of Carbon steel, stainless steel or carbon steel lined with polyethylene (PE).  We are so proud to introduce our new Product launched early 2020, carbon steel lined with polyethylene (PE) which is the better solution for Chemical Logistic Transport Industry.  The PE lined tank can eliminate contamination, corrosion, leakage, problem of shorten usage and long period of repairs.  Our Clients are very satisfied woth the product and we welcome you to try and you will never go back to the previous products.

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