Air Receivers

Air receiver tanks don’t always get a lot of attention, but they are an essential component of a compressed air system. Having a properly sized air receiver tank ensures the safe and efficient operation of your system and provides a reservoir of extra power for use during periods of peak demand. 

An air receiver tank (sometimes called an air compressor tank or compressed air storage tank) is a type of pressure vessel that receives air from the air compressor and holds it under pressure for future use. The tanks come in a range of sizes and in both vertical and horizontal configurations. An air receiver tank provides temporary storage for compressed air. It also helps your compressed air system run more efficiently. The air receiver tank has three main functions:

1. It stores compressed air that can be used for short, high-demand events.
2. It provides a steady air signal to air compressor controls.
3. When used as a “wet tank,” it acts as a secondary heat exchanger, increasing the efficiency of your air dryer.

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