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Learn about covid 19

The company has organized training by inviting staff from Nonthaburi Provincial Health Office, to share knowledge about the Pandemic of COVID-19 including suggestions on how to protect yourself from COVID-19, how to notice people around you and how to take care of yourself before or after get the COVID-19. Employees have acknowledged how to stay safe from COVID-19 correctly and safely. What to do if they are at risk of getting COVID-19. In the mean time, the Company also provides masks, alchohol gel and temperature check point to all employees because we care for employees’ health as our priority.

Training on Overhead Crane

The company has often provided training to educate workers in the factory how to use overhead cranes as well as how to do preventive maintenance. So workers are able to use overhead crane correctly, reduce the risk of danger and maximize a longer usage of overhead crane.

Buddhism Activities

Due to an annual Buddhism Activities, the directors and employees together organize the company merit event, including having a luncheon party for employees, giving presents to everyone, having mini concert and everyone can join singing and dancing. These activities, presents and joys are something that we, as directors of the Company, are willing to return to our employees to appreciate their hard works and their Goodwills to the Company. During a normal situation, the Company also arranges morning activities to all employees as such as singing the National Anthem, pray and morning talks. This morning activities are to gather employees’ willingness and being ready to start working each day.

Renewable Energy Activities

The Company has joined the SME’s Pro-active Project, organized by Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand (DITP) and Small & Medium Industrial Institute (SMI) to join the Oversea Exhibition with over 50% Subsidized cost. Our marketing team has joined their project. By participating in Renewable Energy events, we have overseen and gained many opportunities and potential customers for our future oversea market expansion in various countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines


The company has organized annual Basic Fire Fighting Training for employees. The course is designed for training and competence in basic knowledge of the causes of fire, and prevention and firefighting techniques as well as risk minimization as well as actions to be taken in the event of a fire or similar emergency. The course is structured with the emphasis on practical exercises designed to instill competence, and theoretical input on basic fire- fighting skills and techniques.

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